Dan Ribacoff Administers a Polygraph Test That Clears an Innocent 17 Year Old of a Robbery Charge

June 30, 2020

Dan Ribacoff is a world renowned private investigator and advanced certified polygraph examiner. He is a panel expert for the City of New York’s Mayor’s Assigned Counsel Plan (18b). He is also the founder and CEO of International Investigative Group, Ltd. and Indepth Polygraphs.

Earlier this year, Dan Ribacoff was contacted by the Brooklyn Public Defenders Office to conduct a polygraph test on a High School Senior. While the identity of the student will remain anonymous, he was arrested and charged with first degree armed robbery, a minimum of 5 years in prison for a first time offender.

The young man was walking outside a housing project in Brooklyn, NY when he was stopped and arrested by a local law enforcement officer. The officer stated that he believed the defendant to be the person captured in video surveillance footage a few days before, robbing a Chinese food delivery man in that same neighborhood. The suspect was described as a young African American male with a hoodie over his head. Whilst he did resemble the suspect, the boy proclaimed his innocence by stating that he had never been to that housing complex until that day.

As a result of the polygraph test administered by Daniel Ribacoff, it was revealed that the defendant was telling the truth when he stated that he had never been to that housing project before the date of his arrest and did not commit the robbery. The polygraph results were presented to the Kings County District Attorney’s office and the charges brought against the boy were immediately dismissed.

This 17 year old had never been in any sort of trouble with the law before and has excelled in his high school as both a student and a football player. With Dan Ribacoff's help in clearing his charges, the boy can now live out his dreams of attending college in the fall. In a later meeting with the boy's family, the defendant's mother hugged and thanked Ribacoff for all of his help in restoring her son's future. She also claimed that she knew of Dan already from his polygraph tests on the NBC/Universal Steve Wilkos Show.

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