Dan Ribacoff Answers Questions About Polygraph Testing

June 30, 2020

How accurate is a polygraph test?

 Many people ask that question. There are several factors that can affect the accuracy of the polygraph lie detector test. The first factor is the examiner. How much training have they had? Have they gone to recent continuing education? Are the up to date on the latest developments and testing techniques in the polygraph industry? Many examiners went to polygraph school 30 years ago and haven’t had any continuing education! I see this all the time when I review reports from other polygraph examiners. They are using out dated and unapproved testing techniques! 

How important is question formulation and can I mix issues?

The more issues and different questions you test, the lower the accuracy and the higher the rate of inconclusive results that can occur. The most accurate polygraph test is the single issue test. An example would be...”did you steal that missing $500?”  Did you do it! The simpler the polygraph test, the more accurate it is. 

I am an advanced certified polygraph and advanced certified post conviction sex offender polygraph examiner. My name is Dan Ribacoff. I conduct polygraph tests in the NY metropolitan area. 

Call 800-766-2779 for accurate and affordable polygraph lie detector tests in the NY metropolitan area. I have polygraph offices in NYC, Long Island, Westchester county and Connecticut.

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