Dan Ribacoff Explains the Verbal Signs of Lying

July 13, 2020

As a Polygraph Examiner and a Private Investigator, I often get asked questions like "How can you tell if someone is lying to you without using a lie detector?" or "Are there any typical things that people say when they're lying?". There are many subconscious behaviors that people display when they are lying and the easiest ones to pick up on are the verbal cues that you have to listen closely for.

Always listen carefully when anyone fails to answer your question directly or doesn’t answer the question at all.  The simplest and most direct answer is usually truthful.   An explanation may be given following a direct answer. However,  just talking about the subject in question in general and non-specific terms is not an answer. The listener should always evaluate the completeness of an answer and not automatically fill in the gaps for the speaker.  Be cautious when someone answers your question with a question, "You're asking me if I..."  Be cautious if someone uses your words at the beginning of their answer:

Question:  "Did I see you in the bar last night?" 

 Answer: "In the bar last night, no."  

Also, Listen carefully if they don't answer the question:


Question:  "Have you ever used any drugs."  

Answer:  "I don't use drugs."   

Listen very carefully. When people lie, the story or answer that they give you is fictitious, so it has to come from the part of the brain that is responsible for imagination. In order to create that lie out of thin air, they need a moment to think about what they're saying to make sure that it is believable and that there are no holes in their story. If they repeat your words/question or if they don't answer the question directly, they're using that as a mechanism to give them more time to formulate a more believable lie.

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