Dan Ribacoff Featured in an Interview with Alex Hazard

December 17, 2020

Earlier this week, Dan Ribacoff was featured in an interview with ABC50's Alex Hazard to talk about polygraphs and their shared tenure on The Steve Wilkos Show. In the interview, the very first thing that Alex mentions was the impressiveness of Dan Ribacoff's credentials. Dan explained that he's been a private investigator for the past 30 years, as well as an expert polygraph examiner and credibility assessment expert, meaning that he can determine whether or not someone is telling the truth just by their body language or verbal cues. A true human lie detector. In this post, we'll be breaking down the full interview:

Question 1: What is the process of running a polygraph exam on The Steve Wilkos Show?

Dan explains that when first sitting down with a guest, he doesn't just hook them up to a machine and start asking questions. There is a methodical process that must be followed. Dan states that first he must have a conversation with the guest to grasp an understanding of the situation and to check for any verbal or physical signs of lying. Next, he must do a medical intake, as the use of certain drugs or other substances can alter the results of a polygraph test. In addition to this, Dan explains that a background intake is necessary. He says that that for example if a person is accused of a sex crime, he'll ask them about their criminal history to see if they've ever been accused of something similar in the past. According to Dan, this preparatory and conversational process is actually the longest part of the polygraph process, as taking the polygraph charts only takes about 3-5 minutes and an examinee is usually tested 3-4 times to ensure accuracy.

Question 2: How accurate are polygraph exams?

There is a common misconception that polygraphs are relatively inaccurate. However, Dan Ribacoff claims that lie detection has become a proven science. He explains that polygraphs have been around since 1921, nearly 100 years. Since then, the lie detection process has been experimented with and nearly perfected. With respect to accuracy, there are numerous different polygraphing methods. Dan states that the most accurate form of polygraph tests are actually 99.4% accurate. Just because there are critics, the science cannot be denied. There have been studies from all over the world, including the military, proving the accuracy of polygraph exams. He explains that it can be deemed a medical test, as it includes numerous medical instruments that  measure physiological changes in a person to determine if what they are saying is truthful or not.

Question 3: Are the stories on The Steve Wilkos Show real?

While they may sound crazy, hard to believe and sometimes difficult to hear, Dan confirms that unfortunately, all of the stories that come on The Steve Wilkos Show are in-fact real. The show has gotten to the bottom of some really terrible cases involving the physical and sexual abuse of others and mostly even children. Dan states that in a lot of cases, the polygraph results that he has collected on the show have been used to arrest and convict people who's criminal actions were confirmed on the show. He also claims that the show has done the justice of clearing innocent people of false accusations as well. Dan mentions that in his experience, most people do tell the truth on the polygraph exam and Alex adds in that for the sake of the show and exciting television, the cases where people are caught lying are shown more often.

Where to get help from the Steve Wilkos Show:

If you or a loved one need help with anything from a relationship situation to a criminal situation, The Steve Wilkos Show can provide that help. You can either visit The Steve Wilkos Show website or call 1-888-STEVE-07 (783-8307).

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