Dan Ribacoff Gets the Truth of a Family Attempted Murder Case

June 29, 2020

Brotherly love is an idea that most parents with more than one child promote amongst their children. Unfortunately, as they grow up to become adults, the lessons taught to them do not always stick inside their memories. Anyone with siblings can tell stories of not getting along with their brothers and sisters in their childhood. However, most of them have never accused their siblings of trying to murder them.

In this case, the defendant was involved in a family dispute with his brother and other family members over some property left to them by their late father. In the heat of the family conflict, the defendant's brother tried have him arrested for retribution. He filed charges stating that his brother had called and threatened to kill him, to which the defendant was taken into custody by law enforcement. The brother also showed the police bullet holes in his wall and stated that the defendant came to his place of business and fired a handgun at him, trying to kill him!

Dan Ribacoff, a polygraph expert, was contacted by the defendant's attorney after seeing his guest appearance on an episode of Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel, in which Dan explained how the brain and the body lie and how the polygraph works. Ribacoff then conducted a lengthy polygraph exam on the defendant. In the exam, the defendant was asked whether or not he had shot a firearm at his brother or if he had anything to do with the attempted murder, to which he answered "No" for both questions. In a report written by Ribacoff, he concluded that in the exam, there was no deception detected. This man was innocent!

Al Valarde, the Queens D.A.'s polygraph expert later concurred with Dan Ribacoff's results in that the defendant was in fact being truthful. With this information and further proof that the defendant was miles away at the time of the alleged shooting, the charges were eventually dropped by the Queens D.A. on July 1st as a result of the exculpatory evidence.

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