Dan Ribacoff's Polygraph Exam Used to Convict a Child Rapist

July 17, 2020

Expert Polygraph Examiner, Dan Ribacoff, was asked to conduct a lie detector test on a man who was accused of repeatedly raping his step daughter throughout her childhood from ages 6 to 21.

The Story

After a long polygraph exam, it was concluded that the defendant failed every question on the polygraph test and Dan Ribacoff was able to obtain a taped confession from him. With this evidence, the defendant was arrested and charged by law enforcement authorities. Mr. Ribacoff was then called to testify at the trial about the defendant's confession during the polygraph exam. The prosecutor played the taped conversation he had with him for the jury, where the defendant admitted to repeatedly having coerced intercourse with the child 3 to 4 times a month.

The Aftermath

He was convicted at trial. He is currently in custody awaiting sentencing. Thanks to Dan Ribacoff's polygraph exam, the truth came out and a man who caused a young girl a lifetime of pain will be behind bars for a very long time. The picture is of Dan Ribacoff outside the courthouse on the day he testified at the trial:

Dan Ribacoff is an advanced certified polygraph examiner and private investigator with over 30 years of experience in investigations. Daniel Ribacoff is world renowned for his work on various TV series that have aired around the world. He is also a published author and international lecturer.

If you need professional assistance for a polygraph or any sort of lie detection services, do not hesitate to contact Dan at the bottom of this page. You can also contact his Polygraph team on their website, at polygraph@iigpi.com, or at (212) 987-0808

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