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Dan Ribacoff Reveals the 5 Signs That Your Significant Other is Cheating on You

June 26, 2020

Have you been telling your spouse that you're "at the office" while you're actually in a motel with your assistant who's half your age? Or have you been a little bit naughty with handsome men when you go out on a "girls night" with your friends? If so, You'll definitely be busted if Dan Ribacoff has been assigned to investigate you. You won't see him, but he'll see you.

As one of the top Private Investigators in the United States, Dan Ribacoff has seen and solved it all: fraud, cargo heists, robberies, kidnappings and, of course... adultery and cheating. You can even find out how to be your own detective via Dan Ribacoff's book, " I, Spy: How To Be Your Own Private Investigator".

In an interview in 2016, Dan Ribacoff told the New York Post "The Internet has opened up a tremendous amount of opportunity that [potential cheaters] didn’t have before. Now, you can sit at home and meet people." In that interview, Dan was able to break down all the clues that your spouse or loved one isn't being faithful:

1. The Obvious Signs

Trying to better one's appearance out of nowhere is a very common marker of cheating, especially when they make an effort to wear nicer underwear, bras, etc. (When's the last time you heard about someone buying new undergarments to wow their current partner?). Also, making an effort to lose weight all of a sudden and being nervous/startled when you enter the room may be key indicators as well.

2. Change in Intimacy Levels

Often times, a change in sexual behavior around you is a clue that your loved one might be having an affair. Dan Ribacoff stated, "Sometimes they’ll cut you off; sometimes they become more intimate because they’re feeling guilty and are trying to overcompensate." If your partner seems to become either drastically less intimate or drastically more intimate with you, you may think that it's something that you did or something that you are doing that your partner does or doesn't like. However, it's more likely that there's something or someone that you don't know about. At least not yet.

3. The Cellphone

Dan claims that the biggest tip-off for catching someone cheating is the cellphone. The average US adult will spend nearly 3 hours per day on their cellphone, and it is most likely to contain whatever evidence you need to confirm their infidelity. The most suspicious things they can do are not letting you use their cellphone, not answering calls in your presence or walking away to answer a call, and having multiple phones. 

A useful test to conduct would be to turn your cellphone off in the car or in a public place and tell your partner that your phone battery died (make sure there is no charger in the car or anywhere nearby). Next, ask your partner to use their phone (Make a call, check your email, look something up, etc.). If they are reluctant or if they refuse, then they are more than likely hiding something from you. 

4. Direct Confrontation (Physical Tells)

In addition to being an expert investigator, Dan Ribacoff is one of the top Polygraph (Lie Detector) Examiners in the world (He has been nicknamed "The Lie Detective" by those in the industry). He claims that the classic physical tells include sweating, not making eye contact, making too much eye contact, touching their face/hair, toe tapping, folding their arms and fidgeting.

If they are sitting down, they may even lean back and stretch their legs out. That's a subconscious reaction due to their desire to maximize their distance from you. According to Dan, "If I ask you a question, and within five seconds you shift positions in your chair, I’ve made you uncomfortable."

5. Direct Confrontation (Verbal Tells)

With this tactic, your partner's latency, hesitancy and use of filler words is the name of the game. Using "um" or the word,"honestly", in their answers such as "Honestly, I would never cheat" is a clear sign of deception, as it gives their brain more time to fabricate lies. Repeating the question you asked them, or responding with a question of their own, like "Do you actually think I would cheat on you?" serve the same purpose for them to allow more time to get their story straight. 

Dan Ribacoff explains that when confronting your partner, it's important to appear empathetic and use honey, not vinegar. He states, "People want to confess. They feel guilty. When they feel you understand them, they're more likely to confess." A good line to use would be something like, "I know that you've been cheating on me and I'm hurt by it. I just want to know what I can do better to make you happy and make our relationship strong again." With that statement, you're making them feel more comfortable in telling you the truth, as they feel like you'll be more understanding of them and it seems like you won't end the relationship (Deceiving the deceiver). 

With this information, you now have a great understanding of spotting the signs of cheating. However, most cases are not that simple or easy enough to do on your own. If you need a private investigator, feel free to contact Dan at the bottom of this page, visit his company website: or call his offices at (800) 766-2779.

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